Annual Banquet

Annual Awards Banquet, General Meeting and Elections

Lenape Golden Retriever Club
Annual Banquet, Elections, Awards
and General Meeting


at the



Dinner Reservations: Pat Kohler
Eileen Curran

Awards Guidelines:

To be eligible to receive a Lenape award, a member and their Golden(s) must have earned a title between September 1st, and August 31st, of the current year. Lenape GRC presents the awards at the Lenape Annual Awards banquet in October.

Also, if a member's Golden has earned a CCA, CGC, or has certified as a therapy dog during the above period, the member and their dog(s) are eligible for a Lenape Certificate Award.

To be eligible to receive an award, the dog’s owner must have been a Lenape member during the past year, and have attended and helped out at two Lenape events.

To receive an Obedience award at least two Obedience legs must have been earned while a Lenape member.

Copies of the title certificates must be sent to the awards chairperson no later than August 31, to the Lenape Annual Awards Chairman. If a member's dog was certified for therapy work, a copy of the certification from the therapy dog association must also be sent.

The Lenape GRC Marchwood's Spring Kisme Kate CD, RN, CCA, CGC, TDIA Outstanding Therapy Dog Award. This award is given to a Lenape certified therapy dog who is actively working as a therapy dog. Any member can nominate their therapy dog by submitting the dog’s name and pertinent information, plus the number of hours the dog spends each week/month, the name of the facility where the dog visits, and a write-up of the dog's therapy work, stating why their dog is an outstanding therapy dog. Any member can nominate a therapy dog as long as the dog is a Golden and is owned by a Lenape member.

Awards for Lenape Members:

The President’s Choice Award is presented to Lenape Members who have volunteered to assist the President and the Board.